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Aquatic entomology

    I was just wondering if any others out there have done any experimenting 
with insects in planted aquariums. I'm an entomology student and was just out 
catching some small mayflies when I thought that their larvae would make 
excellent tank cleaners. I caught about 20 or 30 adults (about the size of 
fruit flies) and figured that a few of them might still have enough eggs in 
them to drop a few in my tank. I dropped the adults in and before I close the 
lid back and sit down, my diamond tetras had eaten them all. I don't think 
they had time to drop any eggs, but I'll see. I've never seen them get that 
excited about live brine shrimp or worms. Has anyone else tried any types of 
insects as algae eaters or bottom cleaners before? I wonder how hydrophilid 
beetles (water scavenger beetles) might work. Just curious.