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PO4, CO2, pH

> Michael Rubin wrote:
> I wouldn't call 0.2ppm PO4 a low level of phosphate.  Why do you maintain
> your pH so high - is it by design?  At that combination of pH and KH your
> CO2 level is only 1.87gm/l.  Do you inject CO2?

I do inject CO2 ... at about 4 bubbles per second.  Others have suggested
that my CO2 may be escaping through surface agitation ... I will try to
limit this in my tank.  The high pH is not by design ... I can not seem to
get it lower (although I have only used the CO2 to lower the pH).  My tap
water is 7 from the tap, but pops up to 8.4 if aerated in a glass jar

> In my experience PO4 is dangerous stuff.  Using it in conjunction with
> nutrients is important because any phosphate that is not consumed by your
> plants, perhaps because they are unable to due to a deficiency with
> nutrient, can be scarfed right up by the omnipresent algae.  Do you know
> what your nitrate level is?

I guess I need to order a Nitrate kit ... I have no idea what the level is.

Thanks for the help, Michael.