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Re: future tank questions

Matt wrote:

"Siamese algae eaters.  I have searched 16 LFSs in my general 
area, and not a single employee knew what they are.  I got dumb 
looks, and plenty of them.  I called them all with the scientific 
name, and description, and they got hold of all their suppliers, who 
informed them that I must be talking about Chinese algae eaters, 
and cheerfully volunteered to send a shipment.  I am not getting 
anywhere with a local search, so if anyone could point me in the 
direction of an online source for SAEs, I would be much obliged. "

Try this site:  

About sources of Jobe's sticks, I too could not find the fern/palm 
sort so I use the lowest-phosphate stick I could find (13-4-5). This 
works fine.

Finally, concerning heat from lights. Since you are using a custom 
hood, can you add one or two muffin fans (cheap at Radio Shack) 
to draw out the heat, drilling a few small holes on the opposite side 
of the hood to facilitate air flow? I used to do this when I was using 
VHO lights on a reef tank.

Cathy Hartland
Middletown, MD