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metering valve


I recently picked up a metering valve (used surplus) for a CO2 system I am 
setting up.  So far, I have found very little information about the valve 
and was wondering if anyone could help out.  I am specifically looking for 
the Cv per turn and Cv at "closed".  Also, I would like to know where to 
order replacement needles and how to install them.

The valve was made by Whitey, and has "SS-22RS4 3000psi WOG" on one side and 
"316" on the other (presumably 316 stainless steel).  The control handle is 
a vernier scale that runs from 0 to 1 in four full turns (the scale appears 
to go on, but the handle stops turning easily at 1).

The price was right for something that looked like it might finish off my 
CO2 system.  Any info would be appreciated.  (the current whitey catalog 
does not included this valve)

Matthew Shaffer
Greensboro, NC
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