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Re: PMDD options

> From: BeetleMaster at aol_com
> Subject: PMDD options
> The classic formula for PMDD calls for Potassium sulfate(K2SO4) and potassium 
> nitrate (KNO3). Neither of which I have been able to find locally. What would 
> be your opinion on substituting KO2, which I can get at my local nursury?

	This is another example of the terrible labelling of fertilisers.
The nursery, I am pretty sure(!), is not selling KO2.  They probably
label some of their fertilisers as containing a certain amount of "K2O".
In fact they contain _no_ K2O either, but they are stating the potassium
content as an equivalent percentage of "K2O", because (e.g.) K2SO4 can
be considered as being "K2O" and "SO3".  They even extend this to KCl.
If you post what the label on this stuff says, I may be able to help
a bit more.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada