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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #105

> About 10 years ago I used to use "plant tabs" on reccommendation
>  from Mike Trzosdhsd-whats-his-name from Deleware Aquatics. In
>  one 15 gallon tank I had about 3 young killies (A. gardneri)
>  and a huge stand of hygrophiia that I'd stuff aplant tab in
>  every couple of weeks or so. When I moved I took a loot of
>  my stuff to a local pet store who's owenr I knew pretty
>  well. He put that pot of Hygo in a tank with a large number
>  of cardinals at his home. My morning half were dead.
>  So I dunno. My fish were fine and it was too fast to be
>  a disease so I can only assume it was some sort of chemical
>  thing.
>  What commercial fertilizer where you using?

That sound's a lot like what I had happen. I lost about half of my neons 
(which had been breeding and therefore probably under more stress), and all 
of my Ottocinlus cats, lemon tetras, and black tetras that I had just gotten 
about a week prior.

I was using Liquid Ironite (7-6-6), which does have its nitrogen from urea 
and ammonium nitrate, P from phosphoric acid, K from potassium hydroxide, Mg 
from magnesium sulfate, B from boric acid, Fe from ferrous sulfate, Mn from 
mananese sulfate, Mo from sodium molybdate, and Zn from zinc sulfate. 

I did not check the Ammonia level just after dosing, but as soon as the fish 
started dying it was at zero. My tank was originally set up for high fish 
loads and no plants so it has a very large wet/dry filter that can take care 
of ammonia pretty fast, but maybe it just wasn't fast enough.