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Rotala Trimming Problems

Hey all.  I have a question about Rotala here.  When I
first set my tank up as a planted aquarium, I had some
Rotala wallichi that grew like crazy.  It looked
plumish, full, and had bright pink growing tips. 
Every time I would trim it down, it would look worse. 
Now, it just looks ratty.  The nodes are spaced a bit
too much and the growing tip will just quit and a side
shoot will come up to the side, but they don't get
anywhere either.  I get the feeling this plant doesn't
like to be touched.  At all.  I had a false SAE that
picked at it and made it even worse.

I was reading a posting displayed on the Krib by Paul
Krombholtz (spelling?) in which he described the same
problem.  There was no follow up post, so I don't know
if he beat that problem.  

I got some macrandra at an auction awhile ago that had
very red but very small leaves.  In my tank, it looks
better than ever, with much larger leaves, but as it
hurtles toward the surface, I worry about the same
trimming problems coming up with this species too. 
Can anybody help?  Thanks, Cavan.
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