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Re: snail eating fish

Joe asks:

> So, what are other aquarists experience with other loaches that will eat
> snails?
For a six gallon tank, I have a dwarf puffer, a true freshwater puffer that
kills all small snails and snail eggs in my tank.  They are cute little guys
with fun personalities.  I don't ever feed him, but I add a few adult
ramshorn snails every so often to keep up the population of young snails.  I
have tried to do the same with pond snails, but the puffer eats the adults
before they get a chance to breed.  You would certainly be rid of your pond
snail problem within a short time of adding a puffer.  A warning on these
guys - be wary of the tankmates you keep them with.  Any sort of shrimp will
look like a tasty meal.  My puffer doesn't bother the pygmy corys that live
with him.  I have heard from a puffer email list that they can be kept in
community tanks.  I don't advise keeping more than one dwarf puffer in a
tank unless you can be certain that there is only one male in the group.  I
had two males (didn't know how to tell them apart) and couldn't rescue the
weaker one in time to save him.  I've been told that the males occasionally
have a dark line down the center of their ventral surface, but it is not
always evident.  I have either a male with no line or a particularly
aggressive female.

Here is a website to try:


Good luck - Jen