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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #102

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<< Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 15:35:29 GMT
 From: "Joe Anderson" <the_submariner at hotmail_com>
 Subject: snail eating loaches
 there have been a few posts lately regarding getting rid of snails.  I agree 
 that MTS are good snails, not
 anything to worry about.  I 've got millions ans have given away and traded 
 plenty of them.

     I also like MTS and keep them in every tank I have. Most fish will not 
eat them due to their hard shells and trap door. I have noticed that tanks I 
keep dwarf crayfish in seem to have fewer MTS snails, mostly large ones seem 
to do well but the small ones are rarer. The crayfish are always sifting 
through the detritus and I think they eat any baby snails they find but after 
the snail get to a certain size they are immune to the crayfish. The crayfish 
only get to be about an inch and a half long and are harmless to fish.