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MH lighting questions

Hi guys.  I'm having difficulty deciding between a few different solutions:

1) Hamilton 175W Pendant
2) Hamilton Reefsun enclosure
3) DIY components (more specifically, from Champion Lighting)

I've always liked Hamilton products and the pendants are very attractive.  The
only problem is cost.

One article in Aquarium Frontiers pointed out that the reflectors used for a
focused light such as MH should be a diffused reflector and not a polished flat
reflector like a spider light.  The reefsun has this dimpled aluminum reflector
and looks to be a viable solution.

The last solution involves purchasing the pendant and mogul and a separate
ballast.  I would like to use an electronic ballast and am not sure if the
Hamilton products use an electronic one or the older, less energy-efficient
technology.  The only problem is quality of products.  How good is the stuff
from Champion Lighting?  Anyone have direct experience with their DIY pendant? 
I was going to go with their new BlueLine E-ballast, but was unsure if this
would be the most prudent of choices.

Any advice?  If not Champion, any other recommendations of where to purchase
these products?  ...preferably somewhere with heavy discounts ;)



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