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RE: Re: Fluval 404 - Further info.

Any Fluval 404 users out there take note!

After some problems I took my Fluval 404 back to the shop a few weeks ago &
they said they didn't know anything about any general product problems.
They did however swap it for a new one.

After about two weeks the new one developed the same fault - noisy operation
& reduced flow.  I took it back to the shop again & this time they told me
that Fluval (Hagen) had just shipped them a box of replacement impellers &
housings (clear plastic ones) as the original ones had a design fault that
caused a permanent air-lock & subsequent impeller damage.

With the new one it now seems to work just fine.

Shame about the fish that died when the first one packed-up though :-(


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> John
> Thanks for the info.
> I probably didn't register my filter.  Anyway, I've had a number of other
> off-list replies saying the same thing.  My LFS were slightly more
> non-committal but agreed to 'fix the problem' if I brought the filter-head
> in.
> I wouldn't be surprised if the impeller assembly is the same (& has the
> same problems!) across the range.
> I think maybe I'll contact the LFS again (unfortunately they're not local
> to me but had the 'best deal' at the time) & ask them to send the
> replacement bits in the mail.
> Kevin
> ================
> Kevin,
> I have the smaller model Fluval, the 304. Did you register your new
> filter? After I had mine for about a month I received in the mail, from
> Fluval, a new impeller assembly. It was a big improvement. I don't know if
> the problem was just with the 304, or just with my run of filters, but it
> might be worth getting in touch with the company to find out if there is a
> replacement for yours.
> John Godbey Springfield, VA