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Re: Riccia

 I have. It can come in from just a few cells as Karen pointed out or might
have been present all along just waiting to get the right conditions to
appear. It ain't moss. Mutate might not be the best word choice but I
certainly did not get (I've never had any other than one tiny clump bought
about 8 years ago) any other Riccia from any where else. It could've come in
on some plants I got but I just didn't see it. I didn't add it though.
Adding high light brought it out fast. It will pearl but no where near as
much as the floating kind. It will not float though. Amano has it also in
some of his tank too. Check some of his hairgrass/Riccia tanks. I've seen it
in there. Very tough to get rid of. I can send  you some if you want<G>!
Tom Barr<<

Guess I have been lucky then! If its in Amanos tanks...it must have been
done on purpose!! :)

Robert Paul H