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Re: Carpet plants

Subject: Re: #&! carpet plants

on 14/2/00 4:27 am, Roger S. Miller at rgrmill at rt66_com wrote:

> Any more thoughts?

I am slowly spreading out a couple of bunches of Pearl Grass that I got from
Neil Frank. I forget the proper name that Neil gave me, but according to him
it is a specie not commonly available in the USA, different from Baby tears.
For over a month now it has been growing effortlessly, and I have been able
to cut the little stems most anywhere and replant the cuttings while the
original plants keep growing. Eventually I will replace all my lilaeopsis
with it. What I really like about it is that I can keep it as low to the
gravel, or as high as I want easily and without affecting the health or
growth of the plant.  In some areas I keep it at about 5 or 6" tall, and in
other areas 2 to 3".  It makes sculpting an aquascape easy. I havnt really
found any other plant I can do this with.

I had more difficulty with Glossostigma. I believe I had to srong a current
pushing down on the plant, and a couple of fish that seemed to make it their
favorite lunch. Lilaeopsis has been difficult to keep rooted, and tenellus
just grows out of control.

You can see a picture of my Pearl grass at

Robert Paul H
new pics from Chuck Gadd, Cathy Hartland, Kenny Poh