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The south is not left out!!

    Yes the N.E. Council show and meeting  or is it meeting and show(?), is
the biggest event of the year for  a lot of people in the northeast  after a
cold winter and a strong case of cabin fever set in.  In the past few
years I always get the luck of pulling military duty that weekend too.
But south, central part of Florida has much more going for it then my
northern (part of the state) neighbor thinks.
    In March 10-12th we have the PIDA (Pet Industry Distributors
Association) has it's trade show in Tampa.  Pet Exposition & Trade Show,
Pets 2000,  http://www.pida.org/pets2000/pets00.htm ,Yes this is the last
year it'll be here, next year it will be held in my N. neighbor's backyard,
Orlando ( IMO- a city state within a state).   At this show the FTFFA,
Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association, will be having it's show at the
time to show off what fish and plants the local farmers are growing, .  Both
are in the same floor of the Tampa Con. Center.
    The following weekend, March 17-19,  in his own neighborhood there is
the AFKAPS, All Florida Koi & Pond Show.  This show is put on and sponsored
by Florida's nine koi and water garden Clubs.  It will be held at Splendid
China, Orlando, http://members.aol.com/afkaps/ .
    These last two have a lot of plants being shown too.
    Then in the newest club in the state, The St. Petersburg Cichlid
Association,  is holding it's 1st Annual all Cichlid Show,  April 29,
http://stpetersburgcichlidassociation.webjump.com/ .
    Then in May the Suncoast Killifish Society is hosting the AKA meeting
and show in Tampa on May 26 to 28th,
http://www.aka.org/AKA/Clubs/ClubPages/SKS/convention2000.html .
    Then there are the monthly meetings of about four or five large clubs or
societies within the state that.  One of the  society that I belong to is
the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society (TBAS).  This society is made up a large
cross section of members, from kids in High School and I do think one or two
are younger, to owners and workers of large fish farms and aquatic plant
farmers.  Many members work in the aquatic research field.  I know of four
active members who are aquatic veterinarians.  We have members who drive
from the east coast of Florida over a four hours in one case ( I think they
stay over night).   We get members that drive from north of Orlando for our
    So yes I too would like to make the N.E. Council's  annual meeting and
show someday, but I will not complain.  I just think my neighbor from the
north suffers from another form of cabin fever.  With all the Snow Birds
visiting his town to visit the Mouse and the city within the city, has
caused a lot of traffic and he may have shut himself in to avoid the bad
traffic they bring from the northern state in their rush to avoid the snow.
D.Chang if I could draw a smile face here I would, this was only in fun,
but I think this list would boot me if I tried.  JiM C.