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Re Re: The South Left out

. I just reread your post and Karen despite being
"famous" does not have a lot of time in her busy life life to be at the
monthly meetings all the time and she is just another person in these parts!
Right, Karen!! :-)

The organizing is done by a lot of work from many dedicated people. Not just
one person acting like a "magnet" .

I helped start a local chapter of the Discus Study Group and with 15 to 20
people meeting
once a month and holding auctions at the meeting, of livestock and drygoods,
we were able to raise enough funds in 7 months to fly in a guest speaker. So
you do not need a hugh organization to have a function. I was a part of the

I got my experience by doing. Call your friends and start at the kitchen
table one day a month and before you know it you might have to get a meeting
room and it grows if you make it interesting. Have a slide show of members
 Go on a field trip to a fish farm, or plant farm. Just think of what
you like to do and expand on it. That is how it is done.

Good Luck,

> Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 15:20:57 -0500
> From: Dwight <boukmn at mindspring_com>
> Subject: Re: The South Left out!
> To Karen, James, Sexton, Gombo and the others:
> I would love to start up a local group, but I have NO EXPERIENCE in this
> sort of thing!  Nor do I have the "star-power" to attract committed
> volunteers to keep it going.   I'm not even sure I know how your NE groups
> are organized. The problem is that those who are best known in our circles
> don't live south of the Mason-Dixon.

> snip

> Just think if say, Karen moved to Florida.  W/n hours of putting the word
> out she would get responses from ten-dozen people expressing interest and
> in weeks a So. Florida chapter would be formed w/ at least four officers
> and a hardcore group of twenty devotees.

> No, I'm not saying you should MOVE south to help us organize.  But which
> idea/non-profit organization do you know ever when national/continental
> some hands on efforts from recognized, respected promoters?  All I wish is
> that you heavy hitters in Plant Aquaria consider just ONE extra-regional
> convention in the near future to act as a necessary catalyst for new local
> groups.  Perhaps the University of Florida's Ctr for Aquatics would be
> happy to assist.  You can count on me for sure.