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bacterial infections and plants

Hi all, this is my first post and I hope I am using the correct procedure.

My 120 gallon tank has been running since June 1999. About six weeks later I
had my first bacterial infection (a swortail had a big white colouration on
its transparent tail). Some weeks ago this happened again and again I could
cure it with an antibacterial medicine (Flexicell). I have heard that my
corydoras may have short barbels due to an bacterial infection.

I have a densely planted tank. I change water twice a week by each time 60
liters (about 15 gallon). I hose off the gravel each week.  I grow all kinds
of plants. At the back of the tank I grow some waterpest (Egeria or Elodea)
behind the more sophisticated plants especially because it is said to have
an antibiotic effect. It grows fine, but I still seem to suffer from an
bacterial infection... The tank is 160 cm (divide by about 2,5 to get the
inches). All along the back line I have 1 stem of waterpest standing next to
each other.

Should I grow even more waterpest or other special plants? Do you have any
other suggestion to prevent this happening again?  Thanks very much in
Sietske Tol