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RE: iron and light

> While I was talking to
> Greg Morin of Seachem on the phone awhile ago, he
> mentioned how gluconate bound minerals are either used
> rapidly by plants or precipitate.  It would seem to me
> then, that unlike iron edta (for example), gluconate
> complexed elements are not in the water long enough
> for the any actinic light to perform this dirty deed.

At least according to what I read in Diana's book, this photoreaction can
break the chemical bonds holding the Iron for either iron + EDTA or iron +
DOC. I may be wrong, but wouldn't gluconate be classed as a type of DOC?

As for Greg's assertion that the iron in Flourish and Flourish Iron not
being in the water long enough for this reaction to take place I can't
venture anything - I don't know how long this sort of reaction takes to
occur. From what Diana reports, I gather its pretty quick. But remember also
that it wasn't too long ago that Greg was assuring us that gulconate
complexed Iron was in the water column long enough for plants to get at the

James Purchase