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Re: Karen's NEC Convention a NorthEast-South west Bias

> Pleeeease don't give us the "Helloooo!  This is the NORTH EAST Aquarium
> Council's convention" excuse.  So what!?  Isnt it still COLD up there in
> Connecticut in March?  What can you N.Easter's possibly offer Claus' up
> there that he can't get at home in Denmark?  I'm not saying you are going
> to freeze him up there,  but in Florida,  you could offer him ... BEACH!
> ...... MOUSELAND! ....Not to mention tours of the operation's of the South
> Florida growers.  Don't you think Claus can use a little "REAL full
> spectrum" sunshine  instead of being cooped up under
> "convention-hall-Chroma 50's" during his entire visit?  I hope Claus makes
> this an issue before his next visit! :-D

You forgot to mention $4.99-All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet's in Florida......


Or has inflation hit those too?

James Purchase