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Re: Karen's NEC Convention a NorthEast-South west Bias

Dear Karen:

Yet again we Florida Aqua-Flouraphiles are left out.  <:-(  I ask all U.S.
based ADP'ers; why must all the convention action in our hobby be held in
the NE or SW?  I wish to regester my agnst on behalf SE American Aqua
floraphiles about the apparent "proximity discrimination" in the choices of
convention location.  We are apparently being treated like a plant tank
"backwater" when possible location choices are made even though WE supply
"Ya'all" with the MOST plants year 'round!! >:-) 

Pleeeease don't give us the "Helloooo!  This is the NORTH EAST Aquarium
Council's convention" excuse.  So what!?  Isnt it still COLD up there in
Connecticut in March?  What can you N.Easter's possibly offer Claus' up
there that he can't get at home in Denmark?  I'm not saying you are going
to freeze him up there,  but in Florida,  you could offer him ... BEACH!
...... MOUSELAND! ....Not to mention tours of the operation's of the South
Florida growers.  Don't you think Claus can use a little "REAL full
spectrum" sunshine  instead of being cooped up under
"convention-hall-Chroma 50's" during his entire visit?  I hope Claus makes
this an issue before his next visit! :-D 

If your conventions are always held in your home regions (NE,W,N) don't you
only see the same guys every year?

Why dont you guys rotate your convention locations by region every year?
Some of your S.E. fans may never get a chance to meet you folks in person
to find out if you look the way we picture you! :-)



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