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Placing Sword Plants into Pots

Hello everybody,

I have another question to ask about 'sword plants', I know that Amazon 
sword plants produce a massive root system in the substrate. If I wanted to 
plant my swords into the clay pots (so I can use specific substrate media, 
eg. Laterite, soil), what size of pots should I be using?

Since the root system will be constrained within the pot, would it limit the 
growth of the sword plant? (I will be using Jobes plant stick/root 
tabs/flourished tabs into the substrate of the pot)Would this be an 
efficient method for fertilizing my sword ONLY?

Can this pot be placed anywhere in the tank? (eg. On top of a piece of 
driftwood (I want the plant to be closer to the light source during its root 
developmental stage after the transplant)).

Thanks everybody. If this question is answer previously, would you please 
provide me with the links or which digest to look in.

Thank you very much,
Raymond Wong

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