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RE: Fertilizer types

Melissa asks...

> I would like to know what are all my choices for fertilizer and
> what is good
> and not good.
> Ive heard JOBES being mentioned.. what are these?
> And also, what is PMDD ?
> I dont know what types of plants I will have yet.. but for now it will be
> hardy ones.

First, go read the Plant FAQ on the KRIB
(http://faq.thekrib.com/plant.html). This covers the basics of caring for
plants in aquariums. Once you have read the FAQ and feel that you are ready
for more advanced material, go to the main Aquatic Plants section of the
KRIB (http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/). Don't skip reading the FAQ first -
you sound like a beginner and will need to start at the beginning if you are
to avoid getting confused.

Above all - avoid advice too freely given, such as "I use this product..."
and assume that you should too. Unless you have at least a basic
undertanding of what is going on in that glass box full of water you are
only asking for trouble. Reading the material on the two sites I've given
will get you on the right road from the start.

Good luck,

James Purchase