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Re: American Flagfish and Hair Algae

My females eat flake, relish brine shrimp, daphnia, shrimp pellets and 
zucchini, basically anything in the tank.  (I was amazed at the large chunks 
of zucchini they gobbled off). They'll feed off the surface and clean the 
bottom. They are not timid, though not at all aggressive, and are constantly 
in motion. I find them absolutely delightful.

<<The first set I had would eat flake food but these I have now don't 
like it. I am feeding them zucchini and trying cucumbers on them.  
They nibble on the duckweed and keep the hair algae in check. I 
like the way they look, their colors are nice and they are useful. 
Great little fish, in my opinion.>>