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Re: American Flagfish and Hair Algae

I've had these fish for over a year now. I keep them in a 10 gallon
species tank on the inside and I have them year round in a kiddie pool
outside. That pool does have some blue fin killies in it too, though
they do better in the pool they have on their own. I do notice that the
kiddie pool the Flags are in is much more free of algae than any of the
other pools. Their tank in the house is nice and algae free also. The
boss male in the tank clears a spot on the gravel and even removes the
plants from that area, and often has eggs and fry. He cares for them and
I get quite a few that survive in the tank. I try to keep just the boss
male and a couple females in the tank but they are one of the hardest
fish I have to catch and the tank is really full of plants. The pool
outside usually has a few little ones in it too.