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Hi Chuck
in reference to your hardness readings for keeping Rainbow fish I find them
at the perfect end of the scale. When during my collecting of Rainbows in
New Guinea the pH and gh varied from river system to system and in the
various lakes. Rainbows are very adaptable. In Lake Wannum for instance the
water was pH 7.6, temp up to 30 C in places and gh 50ppm, but in the markham
river system where I collected C. Fasciata and Campsi it was pH 6.8, gh
100ppm and temp 25 C. This varied through the whole of New Guinea. Temp
mostly 25 C, PH 6.8 to 7.9 and gh 50ppm to 180 ppm.  I would suggest that
from mine and other Rainbow keepers in Australia that the perfect conditions
for keeping and breeding them you strive for some where near to KH 4, gh7
and a pH of 6.8 to 7.3. Certain Rainbows like G. Incisis even though found
in water of a low pH in lake sentani prefer around 7.2 and gh 7 which seems
to suit all of the New Guinea species.
Neil Travis
From the" Land Down Under"