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Iikka wrote:

>Whatever the mechanism is, it would seem that soil (used 
>alone, without buffering) is not a good amendment to a Profile 
>substrate. Perhaps a bit of laterite or redart clay would be a 
>better amendment in this case.

I would have to agree with this. Although I have not used it, per say, I
have used something close and flourite has many qualities like it
with.......... the addition of iron richness. I am still amazed at how well
some of the more sensitive plants grow in Flourite. If my hairgrass tank
does well with it I will be completely sold on it. I like the look of
profile/turface. Very nice color.  
>Some pro's and con's of Profile that I can think of:
>+ Cheap!

This is the big one!

>+ Porous, high CEC
>+ inert - doesn't affect the pH or hardness of the water
>+ good grain size
>+ Very light material, therefore easy for roots to penetrate
>- Very light material, therefore some very buoyant plants are hard to keep down

Hard to terrace etc. Flourite is super for not doing this though!
Cost a lot though. But worth it in the long run. Never had a bad Flourite
tank yet! BTW, crypts love it.

>+ I like the way it looks
>- my wife doesn't like the way it looks ;-)
>In San Jose, Ca still searching for the right Profile substrate recipe...

Try some jobes/laterite next time. Add some plants that hold down the gravel
very well to stop shifting.