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RE: Slow growing plants

>Hi all, I would like to get some opinions about some commonly/easily found
>slow growing plants for a 75 Gal. tank. I am running DIY CO2 currently and
>use Liquid Fertilizers and Jobes on occasion.My problem lies in the fact
>that all the common plants I find in the LFS grow so fast that I am trimming
>back plants every 3 weeks... Way too much maintenance for me!! <G> I have
>most of the common fast growing types so wont list them all...Any
>suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I would just like to say thanks
>for all the good advice in the past and look forward to more great reading
>in the future... TIA,
>Charles A.

Crypt balansae/retrospiralis is great plant that can be used for a good
background plant. C. spiralis if you can find it too. The retrospiralis is
somewhat shorter than the balansae fitting your 75 better but doesn't have
the sheen that the balansae has. C. balansae gets well over 24" tall(mind
are at least 30 inches now) Most crypts generally, Anubias, Bolbitis & java
ferns can be sort of slow growing, the rest are not too common.
I find a nice mix of slow growers and fast growers works best for me. Not
too much hacking on a weekly or every other week basis. Tanks do very well
using this approach. It gives some permanence which you may or may not like.
These plants need some thought before placement as you don't want to move
them around much. They show patience and forethought in your plantings. I
try to keep the plants that need the pruning the most were I can see and get
to them easily. These like light(bunch/stem plants )and the Crypts and
Anubias et al are much lower light tolerant being more suitable for the
backgrounds, nooks and crannies. They will grow well in the high light areas
also. You might consider a mail order for getting these plants as LFS are
quite $$$ on these plants and many just don't carry them.
Tom Barr