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re: an easier way to plant

To David Berryman:

You may find that your toothpicks don't disintegrate very quickly. I 
purchased a pair of 11 inch tweezers from Arizona Aquatic Gardens. they were 
inexpensive, made of stainless steel, and don't require much pressure to 
close. This is the best tool I own. You just close lightly around the base 
of the root and push the plant in. I can plant individual Lilaeopsis (3-4 
blades) within 1/4 inch of each other with this tool. I used it a lot when 
setting up my 125 gallon and 58 gallon tanks. Easiest way to plant. It 
doesn't damage the plant roots in any way. Besides, plant roots are pretty 
tough, and would require a lot of manhanling to damage the plant much. Do 
yourself a favor and try a pair of these. sounds easier than the toothpick 
method you describe.
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