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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #62

Why don't you try the GE SPX50 lamps.  They are 5000k and are similar to the
850's in usage.  You could also get the SPX65 (6500k) or SPX41 (4100k)
depending on what you like.  I got them from a GE supply store for a little
over $6 apiece.  With a couple of different bulbs from different
manufactureres, you can balance out your lighting very nicely.

Pet Warehouse also sells a few different t-8 4" bulbs.  The phillips 6500k
and P&A bulb come to mind as the ones that plant people could use.

I have 2 SPX50s and 2 of the phillips 6500 daylight bulbs and I get very
good growth over a 55 gallon tank.

I haven't tried the 950s, they are on the wish list.

Chris, in Atlanta.

>IWayne sez:
>> The biggest drawback of the high efficiency system is that you cannot
>>  buy wide spectrum lamps for a high efficiency system. I mix three 850s
>>  three 841s and it seems to help but I am not sure how well it compares
to a
>>  wide spectrum lamp. OTOH many people seem to have equally good success
>>  triphosphor lamps although I believe this is probably just due to the
>>  that the high efficiency system simply puts more light in a tank rather
>>  that the spectrum of these lamps is particularily suitable for growing
>>  plants.