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Singapore Wood Shrimps

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> Singapore Wood shrimp.  These guys are BIG, 2.5 to 3 inches long,
> cool brown color.  They are filter feeders.  They sit in the current, with
> little "catchers mitts" open to catch stuff that floats by.  No claws to
> worry about.  They are a little pricey, $9.99 each.  I've got one, I'll
> probably be getting another one in the next few days.


I know fish and plants are usually more expensive in the States than
where I live but $9.99 for one Wood shrimp!!!!   That would be in US
dollars, I presume.  For that sort of money, I can get one hundred of
those critters here in Singapore.  Eat your hearts out, folks :) 

If you have to buy them, try to take the ones that already have eggs in
their bellies.  They breed in the hundreds in our planted tanks.  Most
of them get sucked into the filters though.  I always find some whenever
I wash my Eheims.

Loh K L