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Plant Search Engine update !! And a bugfix

Hi everyone

I just wanted to tell everyone about my Plant Search Engine.

Sine last time I have made a few bug fixes:

The major was, to make sure that Netscape could run the Engine now, even the
versions that did not support Java 1.1 completely. And also that Netscape on
the MAC sometimes did have a breakdown.

When I get back from Thailand I'll start working on the following things :

Ability to either copy results to clipboard, or print
Search under common names (please help me with them, email me if you have
the time)
A growth speed criteria.
I got the complete list of data from Tropica, so it will be fault free :-)))
And 7-8 other things.

I would like to thank everyone for helping me with reporting errors, and
also thanks for all the great ideas of how to improve it.

With many Thanks

Soren ' Disky ' Reinke  ICQ #1413069

Please visit my Freshwater Aquaria Webpage

Now available:

       The internets first PLANT SEARCH ENGINE

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