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Any more problems with Vectra Point anyone?

I remember awhile back a few people were having some major and minor
problems with Vectra Point sending them Aqua Journal in English. Even after
all those warnings I still decided to get myself a little Christmas present.
I signed up on Dec. 18th for a one year subscription to Aqua Journal. A week
later I still received nothing in regards to my order, so I emailed them.
Another week went by with still no response. In that email I told them if
they do not respond to me consider my order with you cancelled. To this day
I still have not received anything from them. Even though my visa card was
not charged, I still feel cheated. When I was down in Singapore a few months
ago I picked up volumes 33~37. These are great publications that are almost
identical to the ones in Japanese, except more expensive. Trust me I have
all 60 in Japanese. Anyone want to buy volume 1?

This is no way to run a company. To not respond to a personal email is one
thing, but to ignore a email in regards to an order I placed on their
website is pure negligence. Are all you people who have successfully
received Aqua Journal still get them on a somewhat regular basis?

Ryan Stover
Still in Japan, but not for long.