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Aquatic Websites


Being a web commerce geek finally pays off.

I'd like to make an offer here to all who currently have web sites or those who
would like to have one.  I currently own a server and have some free bandwidth.  I
am able to offer anyone who would like a subdomain or user status on either of
www.tropicalfish.cx or www.aquariumplants.cx .

Your web address would be name.aquariumplants.cx OR the old standard
aquariumplants.cx/<name>  I run my own DNS so the first is just as easy and easier
to remember IMHO.  These addys may be a little easier for folks on the net to find
than some of those XXX.XXXX.XXX/~XXX/XXXX.html sites.

In addition, your site would have, FTP,  front page extensions, anon ftp, SSI, CGI,
with shell accounts, mailing lists and SSL encription possible (we'd have to talk).
I run a mail server for each domain and would be happy to provide an email account
also.  Total cost to you the user is Nada, Nothing, Zip, i.e. free.  If you WANT to
run a link or add for one of my sites somewheres on yours cool. If not, no strings
attached.  This list has been a great source of knowlege for me and I'd like to pay
some back.

There are some place holder pages up now but the www and root domains of both sites
will resolve to a links list directing folks to the proper sub-domain. (in case you

I also have the ability to host shopping carts and encripted order forms for any
budding bussinesses out there.  If you would like me to set up webspace for you,
please let me know.