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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #51

I had a similar problem when first using CO2 injection.
I killed a couple of Ottos as well (these fish must be
particularly sensitive to either pH swing or CO2 concentration).

--Kevin Regan

> Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 21:43:56 EST
> From: "Jamie Noble" <jnoble123 at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Sick Discus Update - CO2 comments
> Hi Again!
> A few days ago I sent an urgent message about some weird problems which my 
> four discus seemed to be having.
> I am happy to report that all four discus are well, eating heartily and 
> showing some good colour. Unfortunately one Otto Cat did die following the 
> CO2 incident.
> I would like to thank those of you who took a few minutes to write me words 
> of wisdom and support. I've never felt so bad for fish before so perhaps 
> this incidient helped me to find a small slice of my "humanity". Even so I 
> would have preferred not submitting the fish to that.
> With regards to the cause. I am firmly of the belief that CO2 overdosing was 
> indeed the problem. Prior to the new DIY CO2 bottles being hooked up there 
> was no problem. After the hookup the problem happened. Measurements of pH, 
> Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and hardness all were fine. No large variances 
> from normal values for this tank. Unfortunately I do not have a CO2 test kit 
> so I couldn't be 100% conclusive using test results. I hadn't fertilized for 
> about three days prior to the problem so iron is also unlikely.
> This tank is a 100 Gallon (72X18X18). There is no surface agitation. The 
> atmospheric interface between the tank and the outside world is a 4 inch 
> muffin fan which runs 12 hours per day while the lights are on.
> I believe that the air above the surface of the water is likely the same as 
> that found in other rooms of the hours based on this.
> The DIY yeast generator has been somewhat interesting to use. Temperature 
> certainly plays a large role in terms of the amount of CO2 generated. 
> Freshness of the batch is also important.
> In a few days I will connect one of the bottles back to the tank after it 
> has been running for at least one day. When the Gomberg CO2 unit finally 
> arrives it will replace the DIY. I am looking forward to this if only for 
> the peace of mind that I've heard the high pressure units provide.
> One other comment. On Page 47 of the Aquarium Plants Manual by Barron's the 
> following is written in the section on Wrong water temperature:
> "In high heat, O2 consumption though respiration exceeds O2 liberation 
> though photosythesis. A deficiency of Oxygen in the tank is the result."
> Comments????????
> If this is correct then this also could have a direct relationship to the 
> problem. I need high heat for my discus (84 - 86). However in the summer 
> months I imagine that several list members probably experience involuntary 
> high heat as well.
> Thanks again for your help!
> ~Jamie N