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Pruning anubias.

Hello All,

I've been a lurker on this board for quite a while and have asked a couple 
of questions in the past.  I recently tore down my 55 tank and redid the 
substrate with about 2" of profile with osmocote mixed in the lower 1" and 
2-3" of sand of 2-3mm diameter.  At the same time, I added 4-55W CF lamps 
and a CO2 tank.  I have been feeding the plants with 2-4 mls of TMG every 
four days.  This setup has been going for about 3 wks.  Most of my val 
melted after replanting, the anubias leaves are turning a dark color and 
getting pinholes, the sword plants have been doing well putting out a new 
leaf every other day, while the bacopa is finally adding new leaves to the 
tops of the stems.  I also added some ludwigia, rotola indica, sunset hygro 
and hygro polysperma.  The vals are finally recovering while, but the rotola 
and sunset hygro are growing kind of curled instead of straight.

My question to the plant experts are do you know what deficiencies might be 
causing the plants to grow all stunted.  I thought that the TMG provided all 
of the necessary nutrients.  Here are some of the water parameters.

Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
pH 7.2
Kh 2
Gh 4
Nitrates < 10ppm

I have been mixing 75%RO to 25% tap water for water changes about every four 
day.  I perused the Krib website and think that I may have water that is low 
in calcium.  I believe this because I have been using baking soda as a 
buffer and it really doesn't do a very good job in providing minerals needed 
in the tank.  I've been looking for calcium carbonate as a buffer but can't 
seem to locate on.

Any ideas as to what my problem might be and ways to improve the growth 
would be appreciated.  Sorry for the long winded post.

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