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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #50

> My off the cuff answer to this was going to be "no way", and
> I was very surprized by the post from Chuck Gadd, who said
> that George Booth's 120 tanks do fine with 4 x 40 flourescent
> tubes.

Like I said, I wouldn't have though so myself.  I've got 6x40 over my
75g tank.  One possible explaination is that George is using good tubes
(Tritons, and some other tube, I don't remember what it was..).  

In my case, my 6x40 isn't as bright as it should be because of a
lack of decent reflectors, and older tubes that need to be replaced.

What kind of tubes are you using?  I've now got a mix of Tritons,
10000K, and GE Chroma 50.