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Re: CO2 home made--HELP

> Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 00:23:30 +0200
> From: "zero"
> Subject: CO2 home made--HELP
> Hello.
> Another question with lots of thanx if answered. Well, I plan to build the
> 2L soda plastic bottle yeast and sugar mixture for CO2 providing. I got a
> question which answer I couldn't find anywhere: what about the pressure
> inside the bottle? can it raise too much? What if it rises to much, is there
> any danger of explosion? did someone figured out some kind of safety valve
> for this kind of arrangement? Well, the conclusion is I need to know what
> should I do not to get into trouble with this, while trying to inject CO2 at
> a rate of 1 bubble at 7-10 seconds in my aquarium.
> Thank you again
I use the soda bottle method.   Don't close the top of the bottle
and walk off and leave it!  However, when it is connected to
your aquarium the pressure will not get too high and you won't
need a relief valve.

You do need to connect it up to some sort of reactor or to
insert the CO2 into moving water coming out of your filter.
Just letting the water bubble thru the water is not good enough.
You need to not see any CO2 bubbles coming up to the surface
(those little bubbles coming up from the plants are oxygen).

If you do connect your CO2 line up to a reactor then you
will need a checkvalve in the line.  Otherwise the pressure
from the reactor will push water out of the aquarium and
onto the floor when you disconnect the bottle for recharging.

My biggest problem in building this originally was getting
the airline hose tightly connected to the bottle.  You can get
"Amazing Goop" at home depot.  This will stick to both the
bottle cap and the airline hose.