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Re: ***HELP ***! ! !...CO2 overdose????

samm <wmaster26 at yahoo_com> sez:
> Usually during the
>  day when I check the tank, everything is quite
>  healthy, the plants are bubbling (sometimes in
>  streams), the water is crystal clear and the fish
>  appear quite normal.  Tonight I had to stay late to
>  finish a paper...and when I got home, I found the fish
>  at the surface and they are breathing frantically. 
>  The dead fish has her gills quite open and around it
>  is somewhat purplish/bluish.

It is possible to poison your fish with yeast-generated CO2 -- I've done it 
before with one bottle that was bubbling too vigorously.  I'm not sure my 
fish died from acidosis or if is suffocated, but it wasn't gasping at the 
surface.  It just didn't wake up on the morning and was floating near the 
bottom of the tank.  

But your problem sounds to me more like a bit of soap or some other 
contaminate got it the tank.  I hope your remaining fish are doing OK after a 
water change.