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Re: Sexton's Clay

Richard J. Sexton wrote:

Subject: Clay
>Ok, I ordered 10 pounds of potters clay to try as a substrate.
>It just got here and it's grey, not red as I thought it might
>be. Is this a big deal ? Should I send it back and get
>red stuff?


Send it back.  I tried it, it does'nt HURT it is simply of negligable
effect in plant growth compared to Mexican red potters clay.  The BEST clay
to use is Georgia's red dirt!  I don't know where you are Sexton, but try
to score some of this glorious stuff! I've worked out a means of
controlling its cloudyness and exploiting its benefits.  I got a two bucket
supply a year ago and I've been cutting it w/ Quack's Kit-lit and
filtersand to stretch it for as long as I could but my supply has run out.
Talk about the poor mans laterite! 

 I'm trying to find a Georgia source for the stuff now if anyone is
interested.  I'm willing to do Driftwood trades for a 50lb bag of the


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