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Sexton's Clay

>Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 08:49:17 -0600
>From: "James Purchase" <jpurch at interlog_com>
>Subject: RE: Richard's search for Clay
>Richard J. Sexton recently posted:
>> Ok, I ordered 10 pounds of potters clay to try as a substrate.
>> It just got here and it's grey, not red as I thought it might
>> be. Is this a big deal ? Should I send it back and get
>> red stuff?
>Mmmmm..... you to, 'eh? A few years ago, I bought a 10 pound bag of Red Art
>Clay from a pottery supplier (I did it over the phone, sorry but I don't
>remember the name of the company). I got the name, "Red Art" from material
>posted both here on the APD and in the KRIB - there was also an elemental
>breakdown given showing the Iron concentration. When I contacted the pottery
>supplier, the lady on the other end of the phone was able to look up the
>elemental breakdown of ALL of the various clays that they carried and was
>very helpful in providing the information to me.
>I'd suggest that you get back to the supplier of the clay that you have and
>ask them to look up the composition of the clay that you bought - if the
>Iron is listed as less than about 3%, you might want to try something else.
>Or, alternatively (and possibly just as effective) you could add a few
>spoonfuls of "Micronized Iron" (check Steve Pushak's web-site, he lists a
>Vancouver based supplier who will ship you a 1 pound container for just a
>few bucks) and a few handfuls of peat moss to the clay. The peat moss will
>help make the Iron more bio-available to the plants. Again, check Steve's
>web-site for more specifics.
>James Purchase

Ok, if it's less that 3% chuck it. Gotha. Now, do you remember
what the maximum iron content was of those otehr clays ?

Can I use chelated iron powerder instead of "Micronized Iron"?

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