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Re: Too much light 7 CO2 ?

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Ken Brook wrote:


> pH 6.9, dKH 5, dGH 8 , small amount of P, ammonia zero, nitrates close
> to zero,... CO2
> probably too high at 23-28 ppm ...(deducted from pH - KH maths & shown
> by Dupla Dauertest)
> am trying to drop it back to 15 ppm by
> reducing bubble rate... filters have Ammogon and carbon currently.
> Fe testing seems OK. Dupla test kit hard to judge in the acceptable/low
> range.

I suggest pulling the Ammogon and carbon out of your filter.  The carbon
can remove the iron and trace elements that you're adding with the
expensive Dupla fertilizers and the Ammogon (if it's an ammonia exchanger)
is robbing your plants of nitrogen.

Roger Miller