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Too much light & CO2 ?

I have a relatively new 180 cm aquarium heavily planted (~190 US
gallons), 70 cm deep
.... basically a Dupla setup .. Dupla laterite base in 5mm gravel also
with a bag of fluorite for luck,
Dupla Fe fertilisation techniques (duplaplant tabs and duplaplant 24),
Dupla CO2,
3 x Giesemann metal halide lights (5,200 Kelvin) now on 10 hours per day
dropping from 12.
An attempt at the "once in a lifetime" vision - after 6 years of
procrastination about "doing it properly for once".
Dupla kit and lights a small bank loan on its own !! anyway ....

Certain plants are going utterly crazy e.g. Pygmy Chain Sword, Indian
Lace Fern (Water sprite relative), Elodea, Riccia, Ludwigea, Ambulia,
Macranda are
all growing  very well...Glossostigma and Hair Grass starting to root
and crawl along ....
Crypts are producing new leaves slowly or as you would hope at least
just hanging in there ...
in-water root growth on Ludwegia and Hygrophila is incredible .... a
veritable root forest thicket ..

But others are sitting very still or declining ...  Amazon Swords
(Although exception is
Ocelot is producing a reproductive branch with plantlets), Java
Moss (Java Moss is fading in colour of all things !!), Alternanthera,
and thin Vallisenaria stalled (!!) ...
Blue Stricta is putting out roots but not growing in the leaves, many
cuttings are defoliating and stems rotting  ...

Internode length on the Ambulia is also quite large compared to compact
original plants.

pH 6.9, dKH 5, dGH 8 , small amount of P, ammonia zero, nitrates close
to zero,... CO2
probably too high at 23-28 ppm ...(deducted from pH - KH maths & shown
by Dupla Dauertest)
am trying to drop it back to 15 ppm by
reducing bubble rate... filters have Ammogon and carbon currently.
Fe testing seems OK. Dupla test kit hard to judge in the acceptable/low

Any suggestions for what I should check or change would be gratefully
received. Especially tips for long term maintenance.

... have been perusing list discussions on K and micro-nutrients. Any
suggestions here.

Also in particular can one have too much light or CO2 for some species


Ken Brook