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<no subject>

>I don't believe the riccia attaches at all, to any type of rock. It will 
>always be prone to float, and must be kept down with wire or hairnet, not 
>just temporarily, no?
><< Ok, I get the idea.  I attached some java fern (the small 2" kind..)
> to a rock.  I didn't know if Riccia could attach to smooth rocks.  I 
> guess I'll give it a try. >>
Some info:
"Does Riccia have rhizoids that serve as an anchor of sorts?" **If** this is
so, I have not found that they "stick" much to anything. I guess "attaching"
could be seen as in ""attaching with fishing line" but the plant doesn't
"attach" like say a Java fern or Anubias. I haven't seen any Riccia specific
info on rhizoids and their appearance on Riccia specifically. Just
liverworts generally. Anyone know?
Tom Barr