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>Hi Alfred,
>My tank have about 2.8 watts/gal (140 watts/50 gals)  and my e.tenellus are 
>about 1 feet high.  The leaves are thin as well.  If you want to grow 
>shorter tenellus I think you need more than 3 watts/gal.

I have it at 2 watts/gal and it's 4-5 inches max. I have seen two different
plants being sold as "tenellus". One is somewhat larger and a brighter green
and wider leaf(still only 6-7 inches in 2watts but seems more light hungry).
The other is a smaller narrowleaf with a reddish tinge to it. Amano has it
in several of his plantings in his books. It stays 4 inches or less.
Tom Barr