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Re: lace plant

<< Sheep manure, from the hardware store. An inch below 4" of sand.

Unlikely, then, that an anaerobic substrate was the cause of the rotting.

By the responses I've gotten, I think I know where I went wrong. First of 
all, the tank is approximately 78 degrees, a bit too warm. This apparently 
did not hinder it too much when I first planted it, as I found when I 
uprooted it about 2 months later (because it was too large, and didn't fit in 
the corner I had confined it to) it was quite well rooted and healthy. 
However, the temperature not being ideal, and being moved that second time 
before even become acclimated was too much.

I still have a partial bulb left. I'm assuming there is still hope where 
there is bulb. 

Thanks everyone, for your responses.