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Re: CO2 transport in FISH, as well as us lowly humans.

> From: Alec Dale <dale7 at uwindsor_ca>

> You can deduce from this that increased CO2
> in the water will not directly prevent hemoglobin in fish from carrying O2, since
> Hb does not play a significant role in CO2 transport in fish.  However, at
> high enough levels CO2 in the water will reduce the diffusion of CO2 from
> the blood, resulting in acidosis among a long list of other consequences.  I do not
> know what behaviour this would illicit, but I do not find it impossible that
> the fish would increase respiration, not to obtain more O2, but to get rid
> of excess CO2.

    Thanks for taking the trouble to explain, this para explains it all..
Erik, this post is for the archives.

Raj, vu2zap
Bangalore, South India