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i'm sorry if i'm asking the same question that has been questioned maybe
thousand of times.
i experiencing algae growth in my tank. There are what i believe hair algae
( green, hairy, grows mostly on my anubias leaf ), black-beard algae
 black, cotton-wool like, grow on old leaf and driftwood ), and algae that a
couldn't identified which really annoy me ( appears as small green dot on
glass tank and old leaf , very difficult to remove, even if i scratch the
tank glass ),

here are some of my tank data
lighting : i'm using natural sunlight( i replace my roof with tranlucent
fibreglass ),
               plus 2 40w light bulbs
               i turn on the light around 9 a.m , turned of around 8 p.m
               the sunlight, as i live in southeast asia, goes about 12
hours a day
filtration : eheim 2250 ( for the capacity 1000L, is it big enough ? )
                an inside filter using 400gal/hour power head with a sponge
( not activated )
substrate : clay covered with river gravel
fertilizer : i'm using local hidroponic fertilizer, added every water change
water change : once a week, 1/3-1/2 tank
the tank has been running for about 6 month
the plants : species of anubias, crypts, swords, A.crispus and Hygrophila,
also Java fern 'windelov'

plant growth : the crypts, A.crispus, Hygrophila, and fern seems to be
growing very well under this condition, however the swords ( E.bleheri and
E.tennelus, and maybe E.latifolius ) are not, I purchase my E.bleheri as a
mother plant, but it looks as a regular sword plant now, with no 'really'
big leaf, the new leaf are smaller than the old ones. all my swords show no
'spectacular' growth i expected they will show under natural sunlight
 E.tennelus indeed looks as 'pigmy' , but they still send runner ), and most
of my anubias' leaf covered by algae. My Higrophila polysperma 'sunset'
doesn't grow as well as the common variety.

Fish load : 6 angelfishes, 5 A.thomasi, 2 C.meeki, 2 CAE ( can't find SAE
and otto ! ), some loaches.
                    recently i had some of my fishes died mysteriously,
still lived by night, but died in the morning,
                    but it doesn't happen again now.

Can anyone tell me what should i do ? should i do the water change more
often ? or should i add CO2 fertilizer, which i don't now ? the hair algae
and those that grow on tank's glass really annoy me, the black beard algae i
consider to be minimal, what should i do with the algae ?
and what should i do with the swords ?