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Re: Volume in gallons

On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Edison Yap wrote:

> Can anybody help me get the volume of water in my aquarium in gals.?

Measure the water depth, length (end to end) and width (front to back) and
multiply those three numbers to get the volume.  Then:

If you measured in centimeters, multiply the volume by 0.000227 to get US

If you measured in inches, multiply the volume by 0.00433 to get US

For example, if you measure in inches and find your tank is 47 inches
long, 13 inches front-to-back and has 16 inches of water in it, then you
multiple 47X13X16 to get a volume of 9776 (that's cubic inches).  Then
you multiply the volume times 0.00433 to get gallons.  9776X0.00433 is
42.33 gallons.

Roger Miller