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Re: KH buffering and pH

On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Damon wrote:
> My target is: KH=4, pH=7.0, GH=7.
> How can I get a pH of 7.0 and a sufficient KH of say 4 (for pH stability)?

With a KH of 4 you need to provide 12 ppm CO2 to get a pH of 7.

> I left my tank alone with the following current conditions (the fish
> can't take the ups and downs of the pH/KH):  KH=2, pH=7.2, GH=7,
> CO2~50ppm
> I have a planted 45 gallon community tank. Some plants/fish prefer
> slightly above 7pH while the others prefer 7.0 or slightly below. I'm
> thinking of adding a DIY CO2 system. Does the KH have a direct
> relationship to pH?

With a KH of 2 and a pH of 7.2 your CO2 is no more than about 4 ppm.  No
where near 50 ppm.

Before you do anything more you need to carefully read the material that
Erik Olson provides at The Krib (www.thekrib.com) on the KH-pH-CO2
relationship and CO2 fertilization.

Roger Miller