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Re: fluval + CO2

>Hi all,
>I'll get to the point and stop wasting your peoples time.
>Does anyone here successfully inject yeast generated CO2 into a fluval 404
>canister filter as done with the Eheims or will these filters develop air
>Thanks heaps
>Dan Green,
>bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au

I do. Into a 303, and it develops an occasional air lock on the first day or
so, depending on the strength of the yeast/sugar mix and before the CO2 
production stabilizes. A minor problem compared with the hassle of periodically 
cleaning my former DIY counter-current inside-the-tank reactor. The reactor
was very efficient but the canister injection method is 100% efficient; that 
is, *no* CO2 escapes from the system before dissolving. 

Note that it is not technically an air lock, but a CO2 lock. CO2 dissolves
quickly and the rattling noise usually disappears in a few minutes. A real
air lock may stay there for hours, for instance when the impeller cavitates
in O2 saturated water. These O2 locks are rare in my system but only disapear 
at night, when the O2 concentration falls back from saturation.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD