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Too much algae

  I have way too much hair algae in my twenty gallon tank.  I think this
resulted from a remodeling job I did a few weeks ago.  Now there is so
much algae that it has almost choked all the space in the tank.
  I am hoping to get some Amano Shrimp, but they've been quite scarce in
the Edmonton area. Anyone know of any?  I've also been thinking about
those algae-eating livebearers I read about here a while back - can't
remember the name, though.  Any hints?  
  The plants are looking good, but aren't growing.  I don't want to
fertilize for fear of further feeding the algae; however, I have kept
the CO2 going (DIY).  Should I shut that off too?

Any help would be great!

Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB, Can.